May 2022 Income Report (food blog)

June 3, 2022
May 2022 Blog Income report

Welcome to A Yummy Bite’s very first Income Report.

Below you will find my very first income report from my food Blog A Yummy Bite. Find out how much revenue I earned in the month of May, what mistakes I have made, and changes I will be making going forward.

Why I started a food blog?

For years I wanted to start a blog. I really enjoy writing, although I’m not very good at it. Finally in October of 2021, I decided to take a chance and start a food blog. Cooking is something I enjoy doing and I enjoy creating my own recipes and then sharing them with my friends and family. What better way to share my recipes than a food blog?

Why I am sharing my Income report.

I love reading other Bloggers Income reports. I find them so inspiring. Somedays being a blogger can be frustrating and you just feel like throwing your hands up and walking away but seeing so many bloggers before me succussed gives me motivation to keep working on my blog. I also hope in the future that this post may help another struggling blogger. I enjoy reading A Pinch of Yums old income reports, I find them very inspiring.

What have I learned about blogging?

Blogging is more challenging than I imagined it would be. I assumed a food blog would be one of the easier blogs to start. I thought I would just post my favorite recipes along with a picture. That’s what a food blogger does, right? WRONG. I have had to learn how to use word press to build a site. I have had to learn about SEO and marketing on social media. Currently I am trying to improve my photograph skills. I recently read Tasty Food Photography by Lindsay; she is the owner of A Pinch of Yum food blog. Her book is amazing and has been very helpful. I have already seen a big improvement in my food photos.

Changes I will be making going forward

One of the biggest changes I will be making going forward is slowing down. I have been rushing through blog post. I thought the more post my website had the more views it would get, and the more views would mean more revenue. As I go back and look over older blog post I realized how awful some of them are. Simply because I rushed through them. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to post 5 new recipes a week.

Starting now I am going to plan to post twice a week. I am also going to be block scheduling time out of my day to blog. I am spending too much time on my blog and trying to do to many things at once. It’s better to have fewer post with high-quality content, then to have dozens of awful and useless posts.

Information is based off 1,005 page views.

May 2022 Blog Income

Google AdSence: $23.55

Amazon Affiliate: $0

Walmart Affiliate: $0 $0

Flex Offers: $0

Total Blog Income for May 2022: $23.55

May 2022 Blog Expenses

Marketing: $21

Editing software: $12.99

SEO Upgrade: $49.50

Theme: $49.00

Website Hosting: $25.91

Food Photograph eBook: $29.00

Total Blog Expenses for May 2022: $184.40

Net profit for May 2022: $-160.85

I had a total income of $23.55 for the month of May. I spent way more on my blog then I earned. Alot of the expenses were unnecessary expenses, for example buying a new theme. My goal in June is to decrease my blogging expenses and only spend money on what is necessary.

May 2022 Income Report (food blog)
Ad Sence Earnings

June 2022 Goals.

My goal for June is to post 9 new recipes, increase traffic to my site by 5%, increase my income to at least $30, cut some of my blogging expenses and gain 20 new social media followers.

In the month of June, I plan to post two new recipes twice a week.

I hope to increase my income to at least $30. It’s not much but I am just happy that I am finally earned from my blog in the month of May.

I am also going to watch my spending in the month of June and only make necessary purchases.

Currently I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to promote my blog. I have less than 20 followers on each platform. I hope to gain at least 20 new follows in month.

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