Food Blogger Income Report (June 2022)

July 23, 2022

Hi Yall, Welcome to my June 2022 Income report, from my food blog A Yummy Bite. Here you will find how much I earned from my blog in the month of June 2022, my expenses for the month, and what changes I will be making to my blog going forward.

June 2022 Income Report

This is my second month monetizing my blog. If you would like to see last month’s income report, you can find it here…May 2022 Income report.

I started my food blog, A Yummy Bite in October 2021. I really love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, and then sharing them with my family and friends. I wanted to find an easy way to share these recipes with my family and friends, so I decided to start a food blog. At first it was only going to be a hobby, but then I started reading how other bloggers were making a full-time income each month. I was looking for ways to earn extra income, so I decided to try monetizing my blog.

A review Of June 2022

The month of June started out good and strong. I had my first day with over 100 pageviews in a single day, the month was going great until I decided to do some updating to my recipe plugin. I decided to change my recipe plug in, and when I did it wiped out all my content. I lost seven months of work in about 30 seconds. I tried everything to get it back, but nothing worked. I ended up hiring a freelance writer to help me rewrite the content I lost.

What were my goals for June 2022?

My goal for June is to post 9 new recipes, increase traffic to my site by 5%, increase my income to at least $30, cut some of my blogging expenses and gain 20 new social media followers.

Goal: In the month of June, I plan to post two new recipes twice a week.

Results: I was able to meet my goal of posting two new recipes each week on my blog.

Goal: I hope to increase my income to at least $30. It’s not much but I am just happy that I am finally earning from my blog in the month of May.


Goal: I am also going to watch my spending in the month of June and only make necessary purchases.

Results: I completely blew this goal for the month. In ended of spending hundreds of dollars in the month of June. I hired a freelance writer to help rewrite content that I had lost and, I always updated my theme and some plugs in for my WordPress site

June 2022 Income:

Google AdSense: $24.48

Walmart Affiliate: $10.29

Amazon Affiliate:$0

Flex Offers: $0

Shareasale: $0

Total Income: $34.87

June 2002 Expenses:

Blue Host: $23.99

Cavana Design: $14.99

Nutrifox: $9

Freelance writing: $250

Total Expense: $297.98

I spent more than earned in the month of June. Total Income: -$263.11

Changes I made in June 2002:

I finally broke down and purchased the Feast Plug in. I have really enjoyed using it for my WordPress site. It has some amazing themes, making it hard for me to decide which one to choose. It’s also super easy to use and I have noticed my site is performing faster.

I started using nutrifox for nutrition information.


I also purchase Tasty Links and Tasty Pin, I love using Tasty links, because it’s so simple to add affiliate links to my site.

Tasty Links by Wp Tasty

My goals for July 2022:

Goal #1: Have 10 new post.

Goal #2: Increase social media following for 5%

Goal #3: Have a 5% increase in page views.

WP Tasty

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