Food Blog Income Report (July 2022)

August 6, 2022

Hi Yall. July was the third month of monetizing my food blog. In the month of May I was finally approved for Google Adsense and since I have been sharing my food blog income reports with my readers. I am a new food blogger who still has a lot to learn, but I hope my food blogs income reports will help other bloggers who are just starting out.

I didn’t put as much time into my blog in the month of July. My family had covid in the beginning of July and then we took a last-minute vacation at the end of the month, so I didn’t spend as much time on my blog in the month of July, as I would have liked.

Why am I sharing my Income reports:

I started my food blog in October of 2021. I didn’t get serious about blogging until March 2022. After reading other food bloggers income reports, it inspired me to try to monetizer my own blog. I wanted to start sharing my own income reports to help new bloggers avoid making mistakes I have made and help them also be able to monetize their blog. Although currently I am not making much from my blog, I hope to change that over time.

July 2022 Goals:

I had three goals for the month of July and met two of those goals.

Goal #1: Have 10 new post.

Goal #2: Increase social media following for 5%

Goal #3: Have a 5% increase in page views.

Goal #1 results– I posted 13 new blog post.

Goal #2 results-I actually double my social media followers in the month of July.

Goal #3 results- I was not able to increase my page views. I had a decline in page views.

Changes in July 2022:

One change for the month of July was I started using Wincher to track the ranking of my keywords. I feel this will help me understand how my keywords are rankings, and I will know which post I need to be updating so I can rank better in search engines.

I did receive most of my traffic from search engines for the month. Before most of my traffic was coming from social media.

July 2002 Blog Income:

Google Adsence: $10.94

Walmart Affiliate:$4.49

Amazon Affiliate: $0


Flex Offers: $0

Total Income for July 2022: $15.43

July 2022 Blog expenses

Bluehost: $23.67

Wincher (Keyword Ranker): $88.59

Fiver (Freelance writing): $57.60

Nutrifox: $9.00

Total Expenses for July: $178.88

As you can see, I only made $15.43 for the month of July. I am going to work twice as hard in the month of August. I would at least like to $50.

Going forward.

Going forward I plan to work on my food photography. I am still struggling with getting the perfect shots. I have read Tasty Photography eBook. It has some great tips, but I am thinking of taking a food photography course.

I also plan to be more active on social media. I have not been very consistent with posting on social media. I plan to start posting daily to social media.

I would also, like to start making more videos for YouTube and TikTok. This would help grow my income.

Tips for New Bloggers:

I have started using Nutrifox to calculate Nutrition facts for my recipes. It’s a very simple site to use, just add the ingredients and serving size, and Nutrifox calculates the nutrition facts. It’s very simple to use and only cost $9.00 a month. You can access Nutrifox by clicking on my ad below.


Another great service I recommend for new bloggers is Tasty Photography from the owners of popular food blog website Pinch Of Yum. This e-book will help anyone that wants to learn the basic skills of food photography for their food blog.

Tasty Food Photography

I have tried many different recipes plug ins this past year, but so far Wp tasty has been my favorite of all. I think it is also the simplest one I have used.

WP Tasty

If you are looking for an awesome affiliate program, I recommend Share A Sale.

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